Global storytelling campaign


++ Target Planet: Saggitarn ++

1.>> Play KILLTEAM games with your friends

2.>> Upload your results HERE and support your faction!!

3.>> Check which faction is winning in each objective, only one of them will be Yevhen

4.>> Be quick and get to the fight! The campaign will end on August the 31st

Support your Faction!

Upload the results of your games and check your faction’s progress.

+ + We will update the graphs every Sunday + +

A- Tungsten Mineworks

Supremacy Astartes

B- Toxic Plains

Supremacy Imperium

C- Hive City

Supremacy Chaos

D- Volcanic Zone

Supremacy Chaos

++ Campaign Duration ++

>> 01-06-2022 // 31-08-2022 <<

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