Global storytelling campaign


++ Target Planet: Saggitarn ++

1.>> Play KILLTEAM games with your friends

2.>> Upload your results HERE and support your faction!!

3.>> Check which faction is winning in each objective, only one of them will be Yevhen

4.>> Be quick and get to the fight! The campaign will end on August the 31st

Campaign Finished!

Finally the Volcanic Zone (D) was the place where Yevhen was hiding.

Therefore the winning faction was Chaos and T'au Empire

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A- Tungsten Mineworks

Supremacy Astartes

B- Toxic Plains

Supremacy Imperium

C- Hive City

Supremacy Aeldari

D- Volcanic Zone

Draw Chaos & T'au

++ Campaign Duration ++

>> 01-06-2022 // 31-08-2022 <<

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